5 Ways To Optimize your Blog for SEO

We all know that blogging is the newest way to engage your audience with unique content and relevant information that relates to your brand. Whether its photos, videos, or even audio, your consumer wants to hear information about how your product will help them. In this article, you will find 5 new ways for your blog to be optimized for SEO. You can learn SEO from blogs if you know what ones to look for. Read to the end and you will find some great SEO marketing resources.

1. Having Keyword in Title Tag
Every single webpage should be optimized with a title tag in mind. You want to have your keyword towards the front of the title tag when you are writing your blog post’s meta data.

2. Include LSI keywords in content
When you are writing your content for SEO purposes, you first need to choose the keyword that you have in mind and then come up with LSI, or variations of the keyword to be written. For example, if your keyword is plumbing, an LSI would be plumber. Get creative and write naturally.


3. Write For Over 1000 Word
Its important that your blog is quality and has over 1000 words in the content. By doing this, you are giving Google what they want and more.

4. Include SEO Image
Each blog post needs to have an image attached to the article. This image should have the alt tags included that relate to your website’s brand keywords. By having images, you are telling Google that your page has more value and more stuff for the reader to look at.

5. Link out to Authority Article in Content
When you have links going out to other websites that relate to your brand or keyword, you are telling Google that your website has great importance in that niche. Whether its 1 to 2 links out, you should be spending some time finding great places to link out to on the internet.