5 Key Qualities To Look For In A Digital Agency

Whether the digital agency that’s handling your campaigns isn’t quitting cutting it, or your business is now at a stage when it can outsource its online marketing workload, you need to think long and hard about the options, in order to preserve the steady incline of your success and not be fooled by words of false prophets. Here are our expert tips for picking out qualities to measure your new digital agency by:


The key to a long-standing relations between client and agency is trust, which is built on transparency and cooperation. Your agency must be willing to explain their methods for all actions when proposing strategies and offering solutions for bumps in the road. The tell-take sign of an agency that has something to hide is a vague or misguided response to your enquiries into their operations. Always make sure you are aware of the ways in which your agency approaches each task to ensure it fits with your business ethos and counts towards your end goals.



A common flaw that many digital marketing agencies can be guilty of is focusing all their efforts in one or two digital marketing disciplines, and forgetting many other crucial areas of opportunity that may contribute to business growth and profit, whether it be analytics, paid and organic search, email or affiliate marketing. Ensure you have a clear idea of which online channels you want to capitalise on, and that they match up to those of your prospective agency – every successful strategy is led by diversity and integration.


A clear benchmark to set for your future digital agency is to ask how up to speed they are on the most advanced digital marketing tools and systems, along with the platforms are utilised for the delivery of your campaigns. Whether is be the social toolkit or the content management system that is the engine of your operations, test your agency’s knowledge to the limit to be sure that they can go places that others can’t. A worst case scenario is repeating last year’s endeavors that no longer account for success.

Reporting and Monitoring

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the bread and butter of how a business monitors and regulates in progress and measures success through day to day activity. Your digital agency must be aware of the goals you have set and how to understand their impact on your current and future campaign strategy.

Long Term Strategy


Many an agency will have the short term solution for your needs, which is often an illusion into their long-term capabilities. For example, a solution may be put forward for Quarter 1, that does enough to meet your quota, but can’t be sustained for the remainder of the business year. To make sure you’re in safe hands ask as to what happens six to twelve months from now, and how changes to your business climate will affect such plans. Remember, a worthwhile agency has vision and a nose for how to escalate a strategy beyond here and now.

This article was supplied by Encendo.co, Ireland’s leading digital marketing agency and consultancy.