5 Helpful Apps for Educators


As an educator, you are faced with a lot of challenges. These challenges have to do with keeping track of grades, making sure assignments are assigned and being able to check to make sure that students haven’t copied or plagiarized their work. The truth of the matter is that an educator’s job is really three or four jobs in one. You are an educator, but you are also a team leader, a policy maker, and you have to make sure that students are following the rules. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can make your job so much easier. If you can’t divvy up your responsibilities – beyond your student assistant – these apps will be like free workers that exist on your phone. The benefit of having these apps on your phone is that they will be easy to access, whenever you want. Here are some helpful apps for educators.

  1. Turnitin

There is a lot of software for students that allow them to find and steal content for their papers, but fortunately there are a lot of apps that allow professors the opportunity to find out if a paper has been ripped or plagiarized. Turnitin is a great app, because it gives you a chance to check a certain paper against billions of sources on the web – from websites to student papers.

  1. iThenticate

This is another great app for college professors looking to detect plagiarism. While Turnitin is more general, iThenticate is more for scholarly papers and research assignments over a certain page length. For instance, if you are teaching a course at Georgia State University and you assign a big research paper, you can use iThenticate to check for sources. If you notice a duplication, you can confront the student and issue a warning or punishment according to the college’s rules.


  1. Audio Memos

A lot of professors don’t turn things off when they go home. For instance, if you are teaching a course within the context of one of UC’s online FNP programs, you may have an idea for a lesson or assignment when you are at dinner or even driving. With Audio Memos, you can easily recite the idea into the app. Sometimes it can be hard to stop and write something down.

  1. Scanner Pro

Another thing that professors do is find articles that they may want to discuss in class. In the old days, you may have had to cut something out of a paper. When you are in a waiting room, it can be hard to cut something out, but with Scanner Pro you can take a picture of the article and the app will scan it into your phone as an image. You can then print that image out to show your students.

  1. Dropbox

On top of everything, professors may benefit immensely from the Dropbox app, which will make it much easier to send and receive large documents. This can help when you are sending materials to your students and when you are receiving materials. In the end, Dropbox can easily be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet.