4 SEO and Web Design Tips For Awesome Results & User-Engagement

Online marketing is a new and successful marketing channel for big and small businesses alike. This is true because digital marketing and SEO is way more better than the traditional marketing as is evident from the infographic embedded in this post. Back in 2011, you can simply add decent content and blast links to attract search engines traffic. Times have changed for better.  Now content producers have to put in a lot more effort to attract traffic. They have to get a web design that is SEO friendly and create design elements that are compatible with current SEO trends. On top of this, they also need to produce content that is search-engine friendly and user-friendly. In this article, we will provide you with some valuable tips that you can use for making a SEO-friendly content and get on a path of securing higher rankings.

Word count

Internet is for those who love fast yet detailed content. So you need to have content that is not long enough to be boring but long enough to mention all important details relevant to the subject. Usually, you should consider having a content between 250 to 1000 words. A content that would satiate the reader’s need for information without boring them will surely help you secure better user engagement.

Use Headings

When you have an extensive content covering several contradistinct aspects of a main topic it would be wise to employ headings for easy discovery of the subject material. Using H1 tag for main titles and H2 through H4 tags for subheadings will help the user.

Use Lists  – Bulleted or Numbered

Bullet points or numbered lists are a great way to give information and make it easy for the user to get the content at a glance. However, these lists are not very SEO friendly and so should usually be avoided. t would be a good idea to use bullet points in conclusion or towards the top of the content to give an idea of what the user is about to read or to summarize what he has read.

Loading Time

A slow loading web page is a death wish for a website. Search engine bots and readers alike will turn away quickly if they find their website is taking a long time to load. So do make sure that you do not use a lot of big size images or GIFs in the post. Also consider using a content delivery network like MaxCDN to accelerate content deliver and provide better user experience for the website visitors.

Making small tweaks like the ones mentioned above in your current SEO strategy would allow you to see results. Please do take a note that your website might lose rankings or show fluctuations in search engines when making website changes. These fluctuations would usually settle within a week or two. Give the search engines some time and you will automagically see better results. You can also seek help of SEO experts from Inty, a Sydney based digital marketing agency.